The FinTech platform to accelerate business evolution while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

LYIK FinTech stands as a distinct FinTech platform, revolutionizing the speed of digital journeys with Straight Through Processing (STP) capabilities tailored for banking forms. The platform accelerates processing speed, reduces costs, and enhances customer experience while supporting both Assisted and Fully Automated Journeys.

LYIK boasts agile adaptation to evolving STP business requirements by seamlessly integrating complex business rules in real-time without affecting the underlying runtime infrastructure. Furthermore, it streamlines form lifecycle management with remarkable efficiency on a single unified platform, obviating the necessity for multiple applications to manage the same processes.


Swiftly incorporate Regulatory guidelines within forms, with the ability to inject complex business rules in real-time without disturbing the runtime infrastructure.


Your expert on Digital Journeys

Digital Journeys

Quickly develop digital journeys for all your forms and products.


Develop streamlined Omni-channel journeys to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Assisted Journeys

Provide seamless assisted digital journeys for ETB customers in branch locations.

Automated Journeys

Create instant automated digital journeys for customers from anywhere, any time.


Quickly develop digital journeys for all your forms and products.

Unified Platform

Transition from multiple applications to a single unified platform.

Rules Inject

Dynamically inject complex business rules to forms in real-time.

PDF Creation

Instantly generate completed form responses as branded PDFs for OCR and relevant documentation.

Form Creation

Rapidly generate forms using advanced form-building capabilities.

Autofill Forms

Enable quick automatic form-filling using OCR, NLP, trusted APIs, DigiLocker integration, etc.


Offer your customers rapid access to pre-filled forms from the FormCentre for swift submission.


Embedding the new DPDPA compliance into the product platform.

Reduce Turnaround Time (TAT) for all customer onboarding and services journeys from days to hours, and eventually to minutes.

The LYIK FinTech Platform.

LYIK Business Trust Triangle

With LYIK FinTech, you're doing more than just deploying a platform; you are boosting your business with unmatched speed of Digital Journeys and elevating customer experience to the next level.

Get ahead with LYIK.

LYIK FinTech is a highly scalable platform that meets the climbing serviceability demands of a bank's growing customer base.

It provides the ability to introduce STP for new digital journeys at a rapid pace, diminishes the rate of rejections by Operations Teams, and accelerates turnaround times for customers.

It also leads to realisation of cost efficiencies with digital STP process for handling forms.


Implement rapid digital journeys & achieve near 100% STP compliance of forms.

Consolidate digital journeys of forms from several applications to a single, unified platform.

Provide the benefit of both assisted and fully-automated digital journeys to elevate customer experience.

LYIK's suite of products meets the stringent requirements of GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and ISO 27001:2022, ensuring top-tier compliance. Moreover, LYIK is diligently embedding the forthcoming DPDPA guidelines into the product platform, enhancing the security landscape for both prospective and current customers of the bank.


Centralise with FormCentre and provide a magical experience to customers with automatic form-filling.

Achieve significant reduction in rejection rates from the Operations team.

Provide unmatched efficiency & control in streamlining forms lifecycle management within a single platform.


As a cloud-aware platform constructed with an APl-first methodology, LYIK FinTech is designed to seamlessly integrate with the contemporary deployment structures of leading cloud service providers. The platform prioritizes data security, boasting robust encryption and signing capabilities, ensuring full compliance with stringent data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

The platform is bundled with authentication providers like Azure Entra ID, AuthO, and Google Firebase. Its plugin architecture simplifies the integration process, allowing for seamless incorporation of additional providers.

Experience quick transformation and rapid implementation of digital journeys with LYIK Platform’s OOTB (Out-of-the-Box) capabilities.

Meet the growing serviceability demands of an expanding customer base without the need for additional resources through the highly scalable platform.

LYIK FinTech provides powerful features for data sanity checks, complex field validations, data transformation rules, data obfuscation, and to inject complex business rules, all in real-time without having to disturb the runtime infrastructure. Plus, its downstream integration capabilities ensure smooth data ingestion into your existing enterprise backends via APls.


Realise cost efficiencies with digital STP process for handling forms.

Improve cross-sell / up-sell of bank products from the white-labelled LYIK app.