About LYIK

LYIK Technologies is a deep-tech company providing innovative and pioneering solutions for automatic form-filling, Digital Journeys of forms, real world data privacy, document validation and Web 3.0 technologies using verifiable credentials based on blockchain technology to transform the worlds digital data transactions into a secure Trust Network.

We aim to be the worlds most Secure, most Convenient and the most Transparent platform with innovative solutions and products for secure PII digital data transactions.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to creating solutions that simplify digital interactions, enhance privacy, and foster trust. We envision a future where LYIK Technologies continues to lead in secure data transactions, enabling a world where individuals can confidently navigate the digital realm.
Join us in our journey to redefine Digital Privacy.



Deepak Kishanchand

Founder & CEO


Suveer Nagendra

Co-Founder & CTO