Family Data One Touch Away
Keep Family Close, Keep Data Closer


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LYIK.Privacy App: One App, One Secure Place for Your Family's Data

Imagine the convenience of carrying your family's important documents and data right in your pocket—not just yours, but for every family member. That's exactly what the Profiles feature in LYIK.Privacy App offers. Create individual profiles for each family member—from your spouse and kids to parents and in-laws—and keep their respective information neatly organized, all in one secure place. No more juggling multiple storage solutions or worrying about data scattering.

Secure, Seamless, and Stress-Free Family Data Management

Switch between profiles with ease to access the specific data you need. Whether you're filling out forms for your minor children or helping your elderly parents with an application, Profiles streamlines the process. Simply choose the appropriate profile and autofill the form with validated data. Gone are the days of searching through physical files or disparate digital storage. With LYIK's Profiles feature, your family's data is not only secure but also incredibly accessible and convenient to use.