A Secure PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
Data Xchange Platform
between users and businesses.

LYIK delivers Trust, Data Security, and Privacy in digital transactions involving both users and businesses. We achieve this through innovative solutions that blend advanced and pioneering automatic form-filling technology with Web 3.0 and blockchain-based Verifiable Credentials (Tamper-proof and Instantly Verifiable documents).

LYIK solutions are GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 and ISO 27001:2022 compliant.


Elevating Trust and Efficiency in BFSI

LYIK brings a paradigm shift to the definition of automation for the BFSI sector, whether it is a new business opportunity, new enquiry for a loan product, credit cards or insurance, or addressing the data privacy and security needs of the customers. LYIK introduces new disruptive technologies to solve challenging BFSI needs.

LYIK solutions platform is a first of its kind, with automatic filling of loan forms, insurance forms etc, with pre-validated data and documents like Aadhaar, PAN, Form 16, etc., transferred securely and directly from existing or new customers to banks, insurance companies and NBFCs, without these documents being visible to anyone external to the process.

With innovation in technology, LYIK addresses the trust factor of important documents and ID cards issued by BFSI organizations that are tamper-proof and instantly verifiable by an enterprise or government without refering to the source who issued them.

LYIK Business Trust Triangle

Generate sales leads.

Recieve new, genuine and potential enquiries from new and existing customers for your banking and/or insurance products such as loans, credit cards, opening new accounts, health insurance, vehicle insurance etc.

Increase your footfall and conversion rates with LYIKs new age platform.


Pre-validated data and documents with automatic form-filling.

Experience the biggest advantage of eliminating data and document verification through third party sources; get pre-validated data and documents directly from customers who transact with you through LYIKs pioneering automatic form-filling technology

Save enormous processing time and operational costs to onboard your customers real fast.

Data straight from customers to application form templates.

Recieve your customers information for your services, with their consent, from their LYIK.Privacy App translated into your Banking and Insurance application formats for easy intake, all with the technological prowess of the LYIK platform.

Work with mistake-proof, pre-validated and clean data for internal consumption and superb operational efficiency; provide impressive and elevated brand experience to your customers


Protect your customers data privacy and be compliant with data privacy laws.

LYIKs new age pioneering platform protects your customers PII data and sensitive information / documents while transacting with you for any of your services.
LYIKs secure PII data Xchange platform is the ultimate solution for 100% secure and private transaction, eliminating the biggest concern of data theft that exposes all sensitive data and documents through manual methods to unverified agents.

Our platform meets global compliances of GDPR, CCPA, SOC-2 and ISO27001.

No paper or online forms, no manual form-filling. Purely QR Code based transactions.

Now, experience the power of QR codes for form-filling for Banking and Insurance. Upgrade the speed of your enterprise and consumer transactions to that of scanning a QR code.

Eliminate offline/online transactions and transform your organization to lightning fast QR code based transactions.


Medical Insurance Cards.

Issue instantly verifiable and cryptographically secure Insurance cards that can be verified at hospitals for instant admission with all insurance details made available securely without the need for the Hospital Insurance desk to contact you ever again. Provide a QR code to all hospitals, which can be scanned by your customers to avail hospital services without wasting crucial time.

Change the patients experience from the pain of waiting for verification to get admitted for critical operations to a super quick process that can bring a thankful smile on their faces.

Critical Bank Documents.

Whether its a bank statement, loan sanction letters, OD letters, Insurance documents or any document of importance, simply provide your customers and employees with cryptographically secure and tamper-proof documents that they can carry in their phones and verify instantly when requested.
With verifiable credentials issues, all transactions can be done with your captive audience through QR codes instead of forms.

Say goodbye to fraud and elevate your brand trust in your ecosystem.


Identify your customers accurately from their various Government IDs.

Do you find names represented differently across your customers various government IDs? Want to solve this problem and identify your customers accurately across multiple IDs like PAN, Aadhaar, Passport etc?

LYIK solves this problem instantly for you; our integration with government APIs simplifies identity concerns and provides instant and pre-verified information of a customer across their IDs.

Solve operational challenges on LYIKs trust platform.

Bring a smile to your customers visiting your branches.

Convert all your service forms into QR codes and simplify availing of services in your branches.

Identify your customers and change the way you interact and provide services to your existing and potential customers.